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11:43am 25/07/2006
mood: bitchy

aint nothing wrong aint nothing right and still i set and lie awake all night

I slept in 2 nights. My eyes hurt and the slightest bit of light gives me the world's worst headache. I've been drinking too much and writing too philosophical for my own good...i'm drunk right now...better think of your future. Fucking Sublime, dude. That "djs" song is truly an addiciton. Most people don't like it, but I don't care.

My boyfriend is in love with me. Most girls would be thrilled, but I just don't see things in the same light as him, Then again...I see life in this very dim and dull sort of lighting. Still. I feel forced to act more into him now than I actually am. Don't get me wrong...I have the hugest little school girl crush for him and his magnum and alll things great, but, man...love?! What is this?! Plus. I am moving soon, ya know? I only have one love...and that's long over with and that whole relationship has just exhausted itself so much to practically nothing. I can't love anymore...a button is broken on me. No...I don't love you, Alex, but i like being with you. Depressing to think that maybe I will never fall completely and madly in love again. Oh well, I say. Oh well...

Cranky Mcgee today. Ugh ugh ugh

I had a really long discussion with my new friend, JT, about the owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial. I KNOW you know what owl I am talking about! That mother fucking mean ass owl who takes the poor lads tootsie pop and declares it takes 3 licks to to get the center of a tootsie pop...asshole. II hate him. My friend JT said the greatest thing ever, tho: " but hes clearly american because he doesnt have patience for sex...he just bites into the center completley unconcerned with the others feelings about the situation. its always instant gratificationw ith that owl."

I think it's somewhat to severely true what he said. The Owl is an American who doesn;t give a rat's ass about anyone except himself. The owl is the guy who wont wait for his wife to get home from work to have sex...instead he puts on some Dansmovies and gets to it. Screw the mother fucking girlfriend! He'll be all sexed out by the time she comes home and she's left with a SHOWERHEAD because he's such an asshole. Fuck the owl!  Shove the tootsie pop up your owl ass you pretentious bastard!

Annnywho. I got a new sifter for baking!!!!! It's actually really amazing how much this makes me happy. I almost wanted to sleep with it I was soo excited. but, i didnt wanna take it's virginity so soon. Instead. I put it on the night stand and stared at it in admiration for a few minutes. It's really amazing. Nothing gets me hotter than brass cooking enhancements. 

I'm off. ciao.

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12:41am 24/07/2006
  You know what's amazing? How much I am starting to intensely dislike my ex. Oh well.

I guess that's all I have to say.
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summertime and the livin's easy   
01:21am 23/07/2006
mood: thoughtful
The news: it's official. My hot Starbucks barista and his magnum p.i. (and I kid you not) are all mine. It's just that...I don't know. It's kinda odd being in a full-on relationship again. There is something special to be had in the whole single "I-will-fuck-you-hard-even-tho-I-don't-know-you" lifestyle. I'll see potential "fling mates"  and be totally charming and on the verge of digit swapping until I remember what it is I have: a total catch. I'm not complaining. I like what I have. I just have to get used to the fact...that I have a boyfriend named Alex who went out and bought me a gift today and is protective and hilarious. I'm not used to big wangs and gifts. My last boyfriend presented neither of the two....so this is all very new to me.

I STILL haven't made up my mind about school. Chi Town or Rainbow Land? Navy Pier or Fishermann's Wharf? Sears Tower or Golden Gate Bridge? ahhhh! I'm frustrated and nautious. The lack of time that I have to make up my mind is pounding my head into the ground. "Under Pressure" comes on until I am saddened by the fact that Mercury is dead and Queen is trying to play with a new frontman. I guess it's all totally irrelevant....but it bothers me! haha.

What would make me happiest? Seems as though we all struggle to find the answer to the question. Generally his question breaks down people of the world into 2 categories: those who settle, and those who don't. Some people would rather risk thier happiness in life just so they can get by, Take my mother. She works hard in the law office all day long and on weekends too a lot.  She hates writing yet has to write letters all day long. She hates strategy but her job calls for it. She hates dealing with people yet has to go into meetings with them as often as she eats meals. Constantly coming home with this blank and colorless expression on her face, I can;t help but sincerely feel that I want to be nothing like HER. HER being this freakin 8-5, law-abiding robot who is not too terribly unhappy, but definately not satisfied. She wanted this that and the other...but did any of it happen? Did she keep striving for her ultimate high? No. I just want to keep searching for my freakin "Great One Happiness" without having to settle. Then again...I am one that's never satisfied. I have the feeling I'll search my whole life to find this, and will die with nothing to show for it. I guess at least I tried.

Dayam. Since when did I get all philosophical and thoughtful?! I don't know if you guys experience the same things whilst vacationing, but when I travel and am away from the "routine" of back home...I start to think and think and think until my brain is fried and I feel racked. I guess at this age is a good time to be doing that.

Sage Francis tomorrow night. I'm stoked. I'm sure Makeshift Patriot will be on the playlist which will send the crowd thru simutaneous orgasms. Broken Wings is my favorite song tho by Sage Francis. It's ace. I can't sleep I'm so excited. wooooo

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been a while   
12:25am 20/07/2006
mood: restless

Here's to your restless spirit and restless mind. Here's to the many places you will inevitably occupy in just this next year. Here's to plane fares and new faces. Most importantly, here's to you and your never dull but always unstable life. Cheers.

No. I haven't disappeared. For once in my life, I feel like I am finally seeing things. It's as if I've been on some art gallery staring at some contemporary painting thinking "wtf, mate?" and then BAM! In an instant it all comes to me, and fucking Michael Jackson Off the Wall plays in my head and my fingers start finger dancing, and BAM! I know exactly what it is I want...and it's not what I am doing.

I've been in Chicago now for a while. Whenever I come back to the city, I seem to instantly let out a sigh of massive relief. Like I just got home or I just got paid. The first night here, I remember sitting on some random bench in Millenium Park contemplating too much and regretting I never thought I would. I wondered why I never chose to go to school in Chi Town or even thought about it. Well, now I am.

Typically as any 20 year old stresses about, I can't fight the urge to stress over what it is I am exactly doing with my life. I don't see a clear direction right now. There's this general idea, but no clear "one great thing." Actually, I have found that I have too many good talents. How horrible, huh? I know of too many fields of employment that would one day suit me just fine and make me smile as I went to sleep at night next to my own Bradly Pitt lookalike. I want to do it all. I want to be the first ever CEO/Chicago Tribune writer/ Trumpeter/Court Reporter/Lawyer/Novelist/Actress Perhaps I have found that I am leaning towards being a writer of some form. I just don't know.

Wicker Park is amazing fun this time of year. While I am all alone, those instant "best friends" I meet whilst being heavily intoxicated have been suited me just fine. It is said that a city will eat you up esp. if you;re alone and emotional...for some reason, tho, the city just makes me forget. Forget about anything that's been pushing me down needlessly. Chicago is making me feel larger than life along these busy streets containing constant motion and unfamiliar faces.

Recently, I have found out what it really feels like to lose the most important thing in the world to you. While I have been moving on just fine, I guess it just never really hit me until last week when I saw pictures of his new life. I don;t have hard feelings, but it's somewhat sad when you witness a falling out with someone close. It kinda makes you quesiton where you went wrong or what you said or did that could have prevented things. I realized there was nothing really that happened between us. Just two people living completely separate lives. The Past is a demon who comes to plague you when you are at your absolute worst. Oh well.

I had never really had respect for graffiti "artists." There was a time I could hardly call what they chose to paint on freeway signs "tight." My first week here, tho, I met some of the most esteemed graf artists in the city..even a few from New York. I found myself slowly coming around. Every night I was high at some random person's condo watching people do lines of bathroom sinks and MCs battling to see who's the best around. Most of the time I would sit there nodding off and really unsure on how I exactly made it home...a few times I didn;t even remember. Eventually, I would fall for someone completely opposite of me who's idea of fun is me driving while he jumps outta the car and hits up a wall. He had a girl friend. He was infamous with the police. He was on probation and he did a lotta drugs. I knew what I was getting myself into....I had to let that one go.

Currently. I have a thing going with my Starbucks barista- every girl's dream. I don't see this being anything too serious, but we have uber yachts of fun together...and I get free coffee!

Lollapalooza is coming up, and a couple kids I might be going to school with (if I still end up ging to USF...I may move out here to Chicago in a month perhaps) are gunna stay with me and be wino freaks with me for 4 days. I'm really stoked about the lineup. It should be a good one this year, I'd imagine.

So. I just wrote a fucking novel. That's my update, tho. I was just about ready to delete this thing, but I thought, why? It doesn't hurt.

I need to just figure out what's going on in terms of living and school and directions I would like my life to take...then I am set. I may just move out here. I really don't know.

green tobasco sauce is yummmAY.



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04:39pm 04/07/2006
mood: drunk

i simply adore absinthe, wizard of oz, and hot starbizzle baristas...all aty the same time.


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06:41am 02/07/2006
  lol "loosn up my buns nbaby"

i loosen my up if ntheres a henrew national going nine between!
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06:39am 02/07/2006
  i should be drunk at 6 am and fhgitting ion  people. gthank you very mcuhq1!  
06:19pm 27/06/2006
mood: confused
I couldn't decide on where to eat. I found myself overwhelmed and completely taken by the wonderful San Francisco. Taking a "tried and true" approach, I ate at Michaelangelo's. It's this cute and quaint little Italian restaurant with huge window seats and gummy bears, if you should desire. I went therewith Drew on a fabulous date back in the day at that phase in the relationship when we were both pretending to be happy even though "hole of deprivation" was the only way to describe it. While sitting there brought back all these "warm and fuzzy" feelings, I don't think I'll be eating there again for a while, anyway, because I need to find my own little things completely separate from him.

Feeling the need to breathe, I decided to walk down to the Marina and gather whatever thoughts would surface. It was so very Simon Birch of me. "My life has a purpose." No...my parents just fucked up and I was born short. Anyway. I stood by the water and almost felt like crying...which is something I never really do unless completely shit faced. This was different tho.  It wasn;t that shit faced "gawd why does my life suck and I love him so much?" crying. This was the happy cry. The wedding cry, shall we say. The cry that says "Omg...I'm going to be living here." Reminder...I didn;t cry in actuality...I just felt like crying.

I took the trolley back downtown. I felt like such a tourist. Btw. I bought a fancy schmancy fanny pack. I know they;re lame, but they;re funny. Why not? A croc. fanny pack...bad ass.

Tomorrow or Thursday I'm supposed to see Drew. He leaves for a month of study in Paris on Sunday. I haven't seen him in a bit over a month and something keeps telling me inside that it should stay that way...for a little longer anyway. Progress is something I acknowledge I have made in this whole quest to rid my heart of him. While I have let go, I can;t help but feel like those feelings will creep back in if I see him now. Last week I was convinved I was done, but now, just being here, I get butterflies thinking about our planned dinner. I get butterflies thinking of his gorgeous face and buff arms. I get butterflies thinking about the intelligent and quickwitted conversations we would have. I get butterflies knowing there will be someone in front of me who cares about me and understands and doesnt judge.I get butterflies thinking about  that moment I get to hug the person I care about the most... Ugh ugh ugh. The butterflies arent a good thing.

what to do what to do.

I'm going to another school meeting tonight. Some bizz people wanna go drinking. We shall see.


The business meeting went well. As well as it could go being an assembly of arrogant and egotistical snobs. I will say that half the debate members don't stand a chance against me
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01:39pm 26/06/2006

the greatest myspace song evah.
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01:59am 26/06/2006
  can u be soooooo drunk u end uyp sober???  
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kissing a 38 year old man??? i think so!   
10:40pm 23/06/2006
mood: weird

The past few days have been bitter sweet aboard the cruise ship. While having some time to reflect on future endeavors and what "my life means in the grand scheme of the world" is good...I have just clearly found myself in an ocean of toooo much solitude. I mean. Don't get me wrong...I ultilized tons of alone time goodness for good and O-verdue causes...if you get my little word play there. In addition to self hedonism and lines here and there...I happened upon the most brilliant idea ever: there's no such thing as "Writer's Block." If you sit there long enough thinking or wondering what's wrong with your head that your not thinking...topics to write about just flow in. It's much like that "A-Ha!" complex. I'm not talking about that atrocious Norwegian band...or dear gawd no. It's that time when you're seemingly "mind floating" with all this creative goodness but it seems more like a dream, or if you're on too much drugs and you feel all disconnected and your mind, seemingly, does it's own thing. When those words just trickle out of your fingers and hit those keys like wildfire and everything just "clicks" and makes sense and is that a grammatical error? of course not!!At these glorious times, life, in this fucking battlefield and global warming world, doesn't look so gloomy, afterall. Then, again, I suppose nothing coupld possibly appear even remotely gloomy after 6 shots of Te Kill Ya and 2 martinis...

Cruise alias: NYU Film Student. Inspired by the lovely B.E.E. and the piece of shyt, typical college guy who's not really impressive at all in retrospect but cute enough to lose your virginity to, perhaps, and, behind all those director names and actresses here and there,  just wants to film you having sex with a townie who ends up puking his guts out on you, anywho, because he simply can not fucking handle his dickgasm. Of course. I was telling someone a bit ago that what's nice about saying ur an NYU student is that eevvvveryone LOURVES to talk about that "one time in New York." It takes the shift off me and my unimpressive life, saying the least, and makes them get the "Warm and fuzzies" by talking about THAT "one time imn New York." Everytime they see me they're automatically feeling connected to me because I remind them of "that one time in New York." When they look at me, I just naturally make all this happy goodness inside of them come out...and, hence, making me respectable...and totally fabulous. haha.

I tanned today on the nude deck...dare I say risque? Considering the last time I went there I saw Mr. Burt Hansan. Who's Burt Hanson? An 80 year old man....naked. I mean. I didn't even know guys sagged THAT low. It was sooo low it coulda fucking won some limbo contest...and even then...it would not be low enough. I'm picturing sagging balls limbo contest with the Kool Aid container mascot thingum in the background getting everyone to do the wave "KOOOL! AID! KOOL! AID!" *wave to the left *wave back to the right *sagging balls limbo goes even looower. "How low can you go??" Burt Hansan  knows!

So. Tanning was an adventure. I practiced the art of keeping the eyes tightly shut at all times no matter what even if freakin Armageddon was gunna come down and take me. Thinking about it, I'd rather that than Burt Hansan's "unmentionables." I can be so nice...

Thinking. A thing I have come to loathe yet still manage to lose myself in. I have made some groundbreaking and even earth shattering realizations...

1. As the saying goes, time will tell, it has and I have finally managed to move on from my dearest and deepest lourve. It's taken over a year and amazing sex to realize that waitng around for things to happen just gets you nowhere, and if someone is bipolar about thier love for you...it's realy just not worth it all, emotionally, in the end. I feel good, tho, and harness no ill feelings towrads this spectacular young lad who managed to keep my heart for so long. My relationship with my ex was amazing, humorous, and like The Cars sang "Just What I Needed." It was just a matter of letting go of the familiar. Anywho. Game Over.

2. My Super Mario game is in the box with my old computer. I distinctly rememnber putting it in there. I've been looking for it ages now, it seems! Praise le fetticini!

3. I'm gunna work for my uncle's law firm in San Francisco as opposed to Lacoste. I's rather build up a more impressive resume and have less fun...because it looks better in the end.

4. It's been THAT LONG since I've had relations??!!!??? Holy crapness...I didn't even know I was a thousand years old!!

It was a drive by fruity...or so they say...

hokydoke. ciao!

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4 day cruise.   
10:31pm 20/06/2006
mood: lazy

I knew the moment I stepped onto the cruise ship today that going to the "organized dinner that's more of a social" would be a great mistake. You;re forced to sit in a seat that has a fucking nametag. I mean. When was the last time you had a nametag? I think the last time I encountered an atrocious fuicking degrading nametag was fucking third grade, and I didn't even like them then. It's just another organized event that makes you feel like a sheep. Does it look like I am a sheep? I didn't think so.

The people directly in my "talkiing realm" at the table were wuite the characters, well, enough so to cure the writer's block I've been battling with lately. The people in front of me were these overweight people who ate like they were more of a family of 4 but only a couple who l;ooked like ur typical tourists and hot sweaty from the 2 foot walk from thier cabin to the main dining room. I think the guy was panting. I thought he was going to have a heartattack as soon as I saw him reaching for the bread. I didn't wanna look, but then I didn't wanna not look. I needed to see to be in the know. Sadly...no heart attack. No excitement and gossip to include in my life. Besidfes the point. Anywho. The other was  a family that reminded me much of my own- an arrogant rich father, and alcoholic and apathetic mother who reall;y only wanted to see the wine list, and a fucking submissive kid with his iPod on. I didn;t blame him...I had mine on, too. Then. There was a group of 30 year old fuxcking males who were more of 12 year olds...and perhaps all virgins as well. They were dorky and loud and typical males, basically. One guy even had the nerve to follow me around, but his hair was greasy and if his hair was greasy you's bet thier would be greasy hair "down under." Ugh. 

So thesde people..are the poepl I eat with at every hot dayamed meal. Every meal? Wow...I think I'm gunna starve, then...

The meal itself was awful. I didn't expect much, tho. I have some pretty high standards, but not even the wine was passable. I have a fake now, people. I can drink weehhhnever now...not like I didn't already. Wino freak. of course. I sat there just wanting to pass by the time...just wanting to get outta the meal...but then then questions started. I was already depressed and in a fucking awful moood. The LAST thing I needed was people to socialize. Why did I go? Thr thing with talking to strangers, is that you need to impress...esp. adults. You need to expound and act happy...when ur fucking racked and drunk and unhappy and miserable. I got by the meal, but ended up talking to the kid with the iPod for a good part of the meal about music he should listen to. Hopefully brainwashing him so that our world has more knowledable music people...so our world is a prettier place. So I can fucking smile at night knowing there are good people out there who don't listen to Eminem cds repeat.

So. After drills and this and that. I drank like a freak and headed back to my cabin and started on the quarter of yay I had in my purse. Why not? The gloriousness to your own room is that youhave the freedom to lock the door and do whatever the fuck you want. So.  drank and felt good and sat on the balcony and watched the ocean until I felt sick. I get sea sick. haha...

I'm just so down. Still. I miss a close friend, and realize that things will never be the same. That we'll never go back to how they were because of circumstances and people moving on in different directions. It's weird, but I always our relationship would never change like so, but, thus far, only mine and adrian's friendship has sustained the test of time...which is surprising to me. Oh well. I',m rambling and perhaps tiny bit drunkuie.

good night! ciao.

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a popped balloon best describes my state of mind.   
09:44pm 18/06/2006
mood: crappy

Have you ever just woken up one summer day completely hungover only to find yourself reading War and Peace? "I read War and Peace in 20 mins. It involves Russia." Would it be a good thing or a not so good thing to just wake up one morning and magically be in some aristocratic family during the Napoleonic era? ' Would I feel obligated to "give back" like fucking Bill Gates if I was suddenly given all this inheritance money. In mean. Would it be absolutely abominable if I just didn't? How much inheritance, if any, will my parental be leaving me?' was amongst one of the many thoughts that surfaced in my head. Dayam those fucking Cossacks, yeah.

It's not like any of this really has to do with anything of much significance. I just haven't been able to stop THINKING about all those "what ifs" and suches. It's aggravating, saying the absolute very least. To hink too much...whoda thought it could ever be a bad thing. It's annoying. I try to hear the fucking sound of silence but there's no fucking Paul or Art to herald it in. As soon as it's quiet...my thoughts race more...and louder...and heavier...and faster...and harder....oooh gawd...if only it was copulation! 

This massive "QUEST TO FIND MYSELF" is, well, depressing. You can;t be finding yourself...you have to CREATE yourself or some shyt. I just donl;t have that time or energy to be creating. I'm already dawg tired from looking under the bed or in the shower for myself. I mean. I keep trying to find a "good ana." You know. That Ana who volunteers, chills with the elderly, and likes to save peoples' lives. I keep trying to find this absolutely great person who just does nothing but amazing things. I don't stumble upon this madeup AOL 9.0 version of me because I have not created that for myself. Do I want to? Not really, I guess. I mean. I'm done creating. So. What does that say about me?

aaaahhh rambles rambles.


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slightly...to moderately...to wtf?!   
12:11pm 17/06/2006

Keenly aware of how boozed up I still felt, I wondered why, at 9 am- 4 hours after I passed out, that I would wake up feeling fully rested. Tossing and turning for a few minutes, sleep just would not be had and the day was starting...much to my dismay. I went to the restroom only to look into the mirror and find my eyeliner on thick and smeared. I was still in my skirt. My shirt was still on. That's when I smiled and thought to myself: the best nights are the ones you don't remember.

Well, this general feeling of "happy-I-had-a-killer-fun-time-last-night-goodness" was over in 2 minutes. In 2 minutes it allllllllll came back...the good but mostly the drunk bad, That's when I realized I DID, in fact, remember all too well. OooooOoh do I remember!

Realization #1
Dancing with cute guy because he resembles Mr. Clean is one thing. Getting it on with cute, mysterious Mr. Clean guy on a couch in the club simply because he has the same phone as you...another very different thing. 

Realization #2
Probably shouldn't drink a bottle of bubbly followed by countless voda rockstars and expect to be sober enough to drive.

Realization #3
I get hella fucking snobby when  I'm drunk. Prolly Shouldn't point and laugh...

Realization #4
Did I really have a 20 minute conversation with my dad?

Realization #5
wow am i still drunk!

Realization #6
The phone log. Best not to look.

Realization #7
You can't call someone on ur shoe and expect them to pick up.

Realiztion #8
If someone is doing coke in the stall next to you, you can just simply ask "hey, can i some?" and They'll pass it over with no questions asked.

Realization #9
When ur done for the night...stop dancing! You already left the club.

Realization #10
Clear the floor before a drunken night or you'll just keep falling.

Realization #11
The theory that the biggest "O-rousal" will cause time travel...nope!

Realization #12
I already mentioned i'm still drunk? wow. I'm slightly on top of things...

Anyhooo. Off to the beach!! 


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02:35am 17/06/2006
  mmmm mmmmm drink!,, birthday drunk...dfc`king retiremtentt. im so o;d I can canoodle in my own wrinkles jhahajsakaa./ lourve me... I met a cute boy...we're going outn tolmorroew perthaspd. oh man .

fucmking wadgter. 

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02:58pm 15/06/2006

Blank. My mind has been incredibly barren the past few days or so. I feel ignorant all of sudden even tho I am completely 100% the opposite in actuality, and keep catching myself in ditzy deeds and, man, it's just not kosher. I am unable to express my opinions,as well, lately...like I was a little dog who couldn't speak but no one would listen. Trivial Pursuit just isn't fun, even, because my mind is just incapable of thought at the current moment. Maybe it's the climate...maybe my brain is dead. the brain is the most overrated organ, afterall.

My birthday isn't even until tomorrow, and I'm already drunk.  Sangria. Cheers!

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12:07am 12/06/2006
mood: high

Yaris commercials. Is it just me and my tightassed skirts, or are they just really fucking strange?

Anywho. Shopped this fine day...at the expense of my occasionally lovely yet always willing to spend money withoust asking father. It was a birthday SLASH "I've-been-away-on-bizz-for-two-weeks-but-really-in-vegas-so-don't-be-mad-that-gambled-away-tuition-money-perhaps-and-never-called-you-once." Meh. It was immaculately wonderful, tho. No complaints here! Of course not. Do you guys come home from shopping and try on your clothes for hours mix and matching and listening to Rod Stewart and Tom Jones mixes?? At this rate...I'll be falling asleep in my new jeans to the lovely...

when a maaaaaan loves a woman

I really need a Rod wig. I really need to start prioritizing. I really need to stick to a topic. I really need lots of things. It doesn't matter to you anyHOO.

Well...observation: Tylenol PM makes me feel like a junkie. I feel oddly euphoric...in a totally "i-did-not'abuse-this-drug-for-once-and-did-what-the-label-said" way.

So. I'm turning 20 on Friday...so. Why do I have this feeling like I'm going into retirement? ugh ugh ugh

I'm gunna watch Manhattan right now.

ciao. <3

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12:32pm 11/06/2006
mood: pissed off

Only one realzation worth mentioning this "morning" (morning for me...afternoon for everyone else) after a night of hell, throwing gamepieces at one another and saying things like "I'm going to shove my fucking gamepiece GNOME up your fucking flabby ass if I don't get the wedge" or, my favorite, "You're a fucking ugly bitch and I want to stab you to death then play around with your blood":

Trivial Pursuit ruins lives.

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le coke and vodka haze   
12:25am 10/06/2006
mood: drunk
drnkie mcdrunk. mmmmm.

rod staw4dt is fucking aweme. u guys sck! 

tomrorrw is dddaaayyy long luau! haha...

i miss him. yet i dnt. morose derunk afterall?? i think not!
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04:59pm 09/06/2006
mood: silly
Oy Ve!

ODing off Rod Stewart! ooooh man. Will I ever come down..mustn't come down.

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy
come on sugar let me know.
If you really need me just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so

Tell me so baby

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